Where is Temescal Valley California?

Temescal Valley is a designated location near Lake Elsinore in Riverside County, California. Temescal Valley rests at an altitude of 1,138 feet (347 m). The last United States census reported Temescal Valley’s population was around 22,535.

Temescal Valley takes its name from the Rancho Temescal Valley established by Leandro Serrano. Serrano received the created permission of the priest of the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, or of the military commander of San Diego, to occupy the 5 square organization Rancho Temescal ashore coming from Mission of San Luis Rey. He took possession in regarding 1818 or 1819 under a give provided by Governor José María de Echeandía to Leandro Serrano. The Serrano Boulder (California Historical Landmark, marks the site of the first house set up by Leandro Serrano concerning May 1824. The give overlapped the Temescal Valley south of existing day Corona as well as included El Cerrito and also Lee Lake. The Serrano family held the land up until they lost the litigation verifying their title to the land in 1866. Meanwhile, squatters picked the land in anticipation of this result in 1855.

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