About Lake Village

You might not know it yet, but you have actually moved into an exceptional community! You see, Lake Village is not just any

home community – it’s literally a Wildlife Environment. We are blessed with two lakes teaming with fish, a forest of

trees spreading out a canopy of green shade, furry little animals and a huge variety of bird life, some migratory, others

living here year around. Our two lakes are assessable to all members and cover over 13 acres. Lake Village was

developed in 1969 and is consisted of 251 houses of which practically 50% are original owners.

To discover all there is to understand about our Association we invite you to check out temeculalakevillagehoa.com. Here you

will discover our facilities, rules and policies, architectural review forms, committees and how you can

volunteer, in addition to a complete list of contact info. Being a Wildlife Habitat means just that – we have lots of wildlife animals and, naturally, coyotes. Keep an eye on your small animals when they go outside and bring them in during the night. Again, welcome to the Lake Village. We

know you’ll find our neighborhood a fantastic place to live and we motivate your involvement in our activities and


History Of Lake Village

Lake Village was established in 1969 making it the very first community in Temecula. Our village of 251 houses takes pride in its unmistakably friendly environment. We are neighbors initially, Association members second. Our two beautiful lakes, hiking course, pool, playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, picnic premises and fully grown trees combine to position Lake Village as not simply any house advancement – its a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Our Members appreciate our environment and interact in supporting a lovely, tranquil location to live and play. Lake Village locals have significant pride of ownership in protecting our heritage, quality of life, and home values. This valued cooperation to uphold aesthetic requirements, affordable rules and policies have made Lake Village the jewel of Temecula.

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If you were to take a look around Temecula, you might get the idea it was always like this. Not quite. You see, Temecula kids utilized to play in open fields with lots of weeds. No parks. No ball park. No anything. If they wanted to play ball, parents needed to make a field for them. And we did– our Sports Park (today, it’s called the Ronald Reagan Sports Park). We got outdoors with our tired, dragging bodies after a week of travelling and working and, “we made things take place”. If we didn’t– absolutely nothing took place. You see, we came together as a community, and we experienced the greatest sensation in the world. We satisfied developing a fantastic community with limitless resources for ourselves and kids.

There are 251 single family homes surrounded by Rancho Vista Road, Ynez Road, and Pauba Roadways. Many of our members are original owners and there is a mix of older homeowners and young households. The common locations and facilities are for the unique usage of our members and their welcomed guests. Facing Rancho Vista Road covering four acres is a large pool, two tennis courts, barbecues, picnic tables, deck location, dock for fishing, and a play area with swings and slide. The clubhouse can be scheduled for family occasions. The two acre location in between La Primavera and Santa Suzanna Location is called Halliday Park. There is a large lawn location, basketball court and a children’s play area with climbing structure and 2 slides. The “Lake” in Lake Village is over 13 acres starting at the clubhouse and twisting around Member houses nearby to the Sports Park. The Lake bed was manufactured and lined to hold water. It differs in depth and is a mix of fresh water and storm run. No swimming or wading is allowed. Cruising, rowing, and paddle boats are allowed.